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5 insider tips on how to get hired at Ixom

We surveyed graduates that have been there, done that. Here are their five top tips to get a graduate job at IXOM.

1) Do your research

As the IXOM graduate programme is competitive to get into with many students applying, doing your research on the company will help you understand what graduates do on the job and how to put your best foot forward.

“I would suggest highlighting your extracurricular activities and hands-on work experience. Almost everyone applying will have a similar degree to you, so these features will set you apart.”

Process Engineer, Mt Maunganui

“Show that you are not just technically equipped with an engineering degree but that you are also really customer focused and can get on with a variety of people!”

Supply Chain, Mount Maunganui

2) Understand the interview process

Interviews are daunting, we know, but preparing for them will help you stand out amongst other aspiring candidates. We recently surveyed some IXOM graduates to get their inside tips on the interview process.

“Initially there was a pre-screening test, a recorded interview and then the job interview. All of the aspects of the interview process were very easy to complete.”

Graduate Chemical Engineer/Water Treatment Chemist, Auckland

“Online application with CV and cover letter. This was followed by an online interview with recorded video responses. Then a psychometric test followed by in-person interview.”

Process Engineer, Mt Maunganui

For more information on how to ace the interview, read our Breakthrough the Interview eBook.

3) Know why you want to work at IXOM

Make sure you have a compelling story about your motives and interests in working for IXOM… What are you looking for in a graduate programme? A company with a strong culture? Training & Development? Future job opportunities?

Working hours:

“I work between 8-5 most weeks. The company is very flexible if I am required to work additional hours one week I can finish early the following week or take days leave in some exceptions. I can also come to work a little later or finish earlier as long as I get my work done, no-one is watching my hours strictly.”

Supply Chain, Mount Maunganui

Training & Development:

“I have not yet completed any external training programmes, this is mainly because we have a lot of knowledge in house which I can still leverage. Through the variety of work I have been exposed to I have picked up a depth of technical (engineering design, capital estimates, drafting skills) and non-technical skills (project management, time management, people arrangement)”

Supply Chain, Mount Maunganui

“There is a good system in place for online training, and they do well to cover what you need to do the job.”

Process Engineer, Mt Maunganui


“I have had access to mentors in my 2nd year at a management level and in my 3rd year, I will be given a mentor at an executive level. Upper management keep in contact with the graduates really well and are all very relaxed! I can ring upper management anytime if I have a relevant question, I have even rung the GM to ask him a couple of questions and he was very responsive and helpful.”

Supply Chain, Mount Maunganui

4) Be prepared for some tricky interview questions

IXOM need to know you can think on your feet, so expect to occasional curveball just to test you!

“How did you save a dissatisfied customer about to leave? How would you improve a team's work ethic?”

Graduate Chemical Engineer/Water Treatment Chemist, Auckland

“There were situational questions and we were asked to follow the STAR method for our responses.”

Process Engineer, Mt Maunganui

“STAR based questions about prior experiences”

Supply Chain Co-ordinator, Auckland

5) And finally, don’t give up!

If it doesn’t go the way you had planned, don’t despair!

“Tell stories with your answers, open the floor for a conversation rather than question then answer”

Supply Chain Co-ordinator, Auckland

“Do your research into the company and see what they're about.”

Graduate Chemical Engineer/Water Treatment Chemist, Auckland

To search for graduate programmes with IXOM, visit their employer profile at GradNewZealand.