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5 insider tips to get a graduate job at Pernod Ricard Winemakers

Brianne Turk

Careers Commentator
Offering a Graduate Wine Ambassador program to individuals from all academic backgrounds, Pernod Ricard Winemakers is an enticing choice of employment for many graduates.

Offering a Graduate Wine Ambassador program to individuals from all academic backgrounds, Pernod Ricard Winemakers is an enticing choice of employment for many graduates. Candidates don’t even need to be Australian citizens or permanent residents to apply.

To help you secure your spot in the program, we surveyed a number of recent Pernod Ricard graduates. This is what they had to say:

1. Settle in for a long recruitment process

Pernod Ricard Winemakers is a premium global wine business developed from the merger of two French spirits companies: Pernod and Ricard. In 2016/17, after three decades of global growth, Pernod Ricard Winemakers reached net sales of $13,436 million. When it comes to hiring grads, these guys have the luxury of choosing the cream of the crop.

Recruitment practices are extensive, so you need to pace yourself and get in the right headspace to deliver at every stage of the game. No slacking off when you’re four months in, and no last minute applications! Applications should be made between the start of March and the end of May.

Here’s how the process unfolds:  

Seven interview stages from first video submission to final selection. [I] submitted a three minute video, received a call back, had 2-3 phone interviews in English (and some Spanish), a face to face assessment day in Spain, another phone interview, and psychometric testing.” 
- Graduate, London

“[It was] long and extensive. Some nine months from start to end. Began with a video application followed by phone interviews and in-person and online interviews mixed with psychometric testing.”
- Graduate, Dubai

“I missed the assessment day but otherwise went through the same process as other candidates; filling in [an] application and submitting my CV with a three minute video detailing why I want to work as a Wine Ambassador for Pernod Ricard Winemakers and why I would be suited to the role. The next step was an interview in North Ryde, followed by a phone interview with my manager to-be in Japan.”
- Graduate, Tokyo

2. Focus on work and industry experience

It comes as no surprise that recruiters are keen to hear about previous work experience, especially experience in the wine industry. One grad believes that their industry experience is what landed them the job. Although an extensive five months of training is offered to all program entrants, if you’re serious about standing out then do a bit of hustling and get yourself some experience.

Recruiters asked:

“A lot about my previous experience in our industry”
- Graduate, Dubai

“About my work experience, attitude to wine, career goals and aspirations, level of Spanish (my second language), knowledge of the PRW graduate program, and if I would consider working in the UK and/or USA.”
- Graduate, London

One graduate also stated:

“Experience is every bit as important as education. Work experience is an invaluable asset in your resume. I worked throughout my university studies and wouldn’t change it at all, as that experience in the industry I would later work in, got me my job - not how much I studied or the number of HDs I achieved.”
- Graduate

3. Remember, authenticity speaks volumes

Pernod Ricard aims to build strong teams made up of diverse individuals. Be unique. Find ways to allow your individuality to come through. Your video submission is the perfect opportunity to do this.

“Be yourself. Be honest. Make a knockout video that shows off your individual interests and skills.”
- Graduate, London

“Be genuine, yourself and put your best foot forward. Prepare by researching the company, the wine industry and the market you plan on going to.”
- Graduate, Tokyo

4. Have a language up your sleeve

With opportunity to be based all over the world following completion of the graduate program (including Spain, Argentina, China, Japan, the U.S.A., U.K. and more), proficiency in another language is a strong selling point for candidates. If you’ve learnt a language in the past or have some basic skills under your belt, take the time to invest in this further. Being bilingual will set you apart and open the door to exciting travel opportunities.

“Keep at learning languages. This is a huge asset with global businesses and will get you far.”
- Graduate

“Being bilingual (or multilingual) will count in your favour.”
- Pernod Ricard Winemakers

“Language is also big challenge for me; 9/10 I’m presenting in Japanese so I have to practice a lot more to make sure my messages are clear and accurate. I have no trouble in casual conversation but formal speeches and business meetings are a whole different matter, particularly when you’re representing the company in a formal situation. There is pressure to perform well, and I spend a HUGE amount of time preparing, writing scripts, practising, and doing my best to make sure my language is on point."
- Graduate

5. Don’t fake it

It’s pretty simple: if you’re not interested in wine, don’t waste your time.

With this program requiring no specific prerequisite degree, one of the only things that isrequired is a strong interest in, and passion for, the wine industry. (Oh, and a license – all employees are required to be able to drive.) It’s a bit of a no-brainer, but the job is all about wine.  

“Only apply if you're passionate about wine and the wine business. Only apply if you're interested in wine education.”
- Graduate, London

“In order to apply applicants must have a university degree, an eagerness to learn but most importantly a passion for wine and our industry. This job changes every day and presents new challenges, but a passion for their products is what really [sets apart] ambassadors.”
- Graduate

“The only prerequisites are a degree and a passion for wine. Our graduate group all come from vastly different backgrounds with various qualifications.”
- Graduate

“What you do need coming into this job is an open mind, a willingness to learn and a desire and passion to share your stories and knowledge with other people and of course, a love of wine.”
- Graduate

“But we all had a couple of things in common; we were all there with enthusiasm and a passion for wine. We all had a thirst for knowledge. And we all wanted to grow and embrace new challenges”
- Graduate

“It’s also expected that you’ll be open-minded, interested in foreign cultures, convivial, proactive, innovative, entrepreneurial and have a genuine passion for wine.”
- Pernod Ricard Winemakers