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Capgemini Australia and New Zealand

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What does Capgemini look for in applicants?

Team Prosple

Get the future you want! We believe that every one of us is an architect of positive futures.

We look for confident, bright, articulate individuals who know the value of working collaboratively to achieve objectives. We value hardworking, flexible, upbeat people who are destined for an excellent career with us. Whichever team you join we believe there are certain key qualities you’ll need to thrive at Capgemini.


At Capgemini, we recognise that effective communication increases productivity and creates a better work environment, so we look for people who can articulate their ideas in a concise, yet influential way. We value individuals who understand that good communication is key to every successful project.


Innovation lies at the very heart of our operations, so we look for people who can combine analytical skills and the ability to come up with original and effective solutions. We value individuals who are able to see past the problem and look to define the answer/solution.


Given our collaborative approach to working, your ability to build successful relationships with clients, suppliers and colleagues, will be a distinct advantage. We look for team players who create an effective working environment, and we value individuals who maintain a positive spirit within a team and encourage excellent teamwork.

You’ll also need to be totally committed to your own career development and determined to make the most of all the learning opportunities made available to you.

Values & Ethics

Our Values and ethics are part of what makes working at Capgemini different. They empower our people to master their business and technology domains, build meaningful relationships with their colleagues and clients, and design positive futures. Capgemini looks for candidates who are aligned with our values and ethics.

An Interest in Capgemini

Capgemini looks to hire someone who believes strongly in our mission and wants to make a positive impact on the organisation and its clients. It will be highly regarded if you can prove that you’ve done the research on Capgemini, that your core values match the objectives of the company, and that you will enjoy working here.