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Ellie McRae

Ellie McRae studied a Bachelor of Commerce (Majors in Marketing and Management) and a Diploma in Languages at the University of Melbourne and is now an Operations Consulting and Transformation Analyst at Accenture.

My journey to Accenture was a somewhat unusual one.

I graduated in December 2020 from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Commerce (major Marketing and Management) and a Diploma in Languages. With plans to move back to Melbourne to commence a Masters program, I found myself - at the last minute - referred into the Accenture Grad program. On day 1, I commenced work on a project for a Social Media Service client, and have been on that same project ever since. I have now been at Accenture for a year (exactly one year to the day at the time of writing). Joining Accenture has been a great induction into the world of work, and I’ve learned a lot about myself both personally and professionally.

Here’s a glimpse into my typical day:

6.30 AM

Most days, I wake up around 6:30 - 7am. Before heading off to the office, or settling into my work from home routine, I swim at my local beach, read a book or the news, head to a yoga class, journal or meditate. These activities help me adopt a productive and positive mindset before working hours.


8.00 AM

If I’m commuting to the office (which happens maybe once or twice a week), I’ll leave home around 8 o’clock, giving myself plenty of time in case there’s a gridlock heading towards the city (Sydney traffic am I right?) I aim to be at the office around 30 minutes before our first project stand-up of the day, which is typically at 9:15am on the dot.

Ellie McRae

8.40 AM

Before our first meeting, I grab a strong black coffee from the kitchen (been trying to save some money on takeout coffees), say hey to all my work friends and colleagues, and settle in behind my desk to check my emails. 

On my project, I have lots of emails to attend to on a daily basis. I prefer to smash these emails out first thing in the morning, while I’m feeling my most productive. These emails are mostly from the advertisers that I work with, seeking insights and requiring me to troubleshoot various matters. I genuinely enjoy corresponding with my advertisers - relationship management is no doubt one of my favourite aspects of the role.

If I’m working from home, this ritual is pretty much the same, except I’ll say hey to my housemates instead of my colleagues, and the coffee comes freshly brewed.

9.15 AM

First meeting of the day: team stand-up. Our stand-up allows us to touch base on the initiatives and strategy we’re currently pushing out across the team. This provides clarity on our roles, and allows us to garner an understanding of what others are working on. I find stand-ups especially productive if we’re working remotely, which is a frequent occurrence these days.

10.00 AM

Throughout the morning, we have several team meetings. Our goal is to provide a high degree of value to the client. As a result, we spend a lot of time strategising and working to improve our existing processes. Our team is made up of nearly 70 people, it’s grown from around 10 people around two years back! My colleagues come from a diverse background of study, including in HR, Entrepreneurship and International Relations. In my opinion, it’s our versatility that makes us stronger as a team.

We are split into smaller teams within the larger group, which allows us to differentiate our skill sets. Despite our being split into smaller factions, we all support each other by providing useful materials and sharing knowledge. Our teammates' success on the project is our own, and we often run training and learning sessions to help upskill the team.

12.00 PM

After the team meetings, troubleshooting emails and various ad-hoc work, it’s lunchtime. If I'm at the office, we generally all go out as a group (whoever is in at the time) to go buy lunch from nearby Barangaroo eateries and sit by the wharf. This is a great time for us all to bond with those we may not be so familiar with (happens when the team is this big!) and to unwind from a morning of hard work.

When I’m working from home, I use the time to cook up a big brunch with eggs, bacon and toast (yum!). Being able to prepare all my meals from the comfort of my own home is definitely a perk of remote work (it can, however, lead to a lot of unprecedented snacking).


1.00 PM

The afternoon generally consists of sync calls with my advertisers and finishing up work I began in the AM. I also complete tasks external to my project. For instance, I touch base with the Accenture ANZ Gender Pillar committee, of which I am a part. It excites me to work for an organisation within which I can prioritise my interests and passions i.e. gender advocacy.

Most days, I finish up at 5pm exactly. However, there are some evenings I’ll stay back for an hour or so (if to-dos have piled up). Generally speaking, I do really value the degree of work/life balance I’ve experienced whilst working at Accenture.

5.00 PM

Straight after work, I like to hit the gym. I find it’s important to make time to stretch and move, especially after a day behind a desk. Fortunately, I can go straight from the office or from home, and catch whatever fitness class it is I’m feeling (currently pilates and hot yoga).

6.00 PM

Time to rest! I use my evenings to relax and replenish my energies for the following day. I’ve found keeping well-rested is key when working full time to avoid burnout. Catch you tomorrow, Accenture.