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Sarah Jane Fausset

6.00 AM

My alarm wakes me up, after pressing snooze a few times I eventually drag myself out of bed.

7.00 AM

I leave my apartment and walk the 200m to the train station (very handy) and jump on the next train heading to the CBD.

AECOM Graduate Sarah Jane Fausset at her desk

7.30 AM

I arrive at the office and turn on my laptop and have a quick scroll through my emails while the office is still pretty quiet. After 10 – 15 mins some of the other graduates and members of my team arrive so we all go down to the kitchen to make coffee and have a catch-up.

I usually end up taking a second cup of coffee back to my desk and finish replying to my emails and check what is on the schedule for today.

AECOM Graduate Sarah Jane Fausset in a meeting

9.30 AM

We usually have our team resourcing meeting on Monday mornings to discuss what everyone is working on and to identify if anyone has the capacity to help out and get involved on different projects. This lets us all know who is going to be really busy and who has some time to help them out which keeps our team stress free.  My weeks are usually pretty busy especially as I spend half the week in Wellington working on-site and half the week in Auckland in the office working on different projects. It’s a really great mix of site work and design and allows me to see the whole design and construction life of a project.

10.00 AM

Our team love to have morning coffee and snacks together in the kitchen and chat about everything and anything and sometimes we are lucky, and someone brings in some home-made goodies.

10.30 AM

I head back to my desk to get some work done, I sit in an open-plan office so it's super easy to roll my chair over to the senior engineers if I need to ask them questions or need some guidance. Every project is different and a fantastic opportunity to continue learning and gain the experience and knowledge needed for my chartership.

12.00 PM

The best time of the day, lunchtime. Sometimes there is a learning development event on which usually has free pizza but if not we all head out to the park just outside the office and chill out in the sun for an hour.

AECOM Graduate Sarah Jane Fausset on site

1.00 PM

I head back to work and get focused, if I’m onsite in Wellington we usually head out in the Ute to do our inspections up and down the site.

AECOM Graduate Sarah Jane Fausset writing emails

4.30 PM

It’s getting to the end of the workday, so I wrap up what I am working on and send out some emails or catch up with the senior engineers about the projects and what the plans are for tomorrow.

5.00 PM

I usually head to a Gym class with the girls from work or rush home to take my paddleboard to the beach if the weather is good. It’s such a great way to relax and unwind after a productive day.

8.00 PM

I usually cook a big meal with my housemates and watch some Netflix or we all go out for dinner if we are feeling lazy.

9.30 PM

I usually face time my family (and dog) who live in the UK and I update them on my adventures over in NZ.

10:00 PM

Finally, it is time to head to bed and get some sleep.