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Jarrod Isopo

7.00 AM

My alarm goes off and I usually snooze for 15 minutes. Once I get up I make sure to drink a glass of water to activate my metabolism for the day.  I then go through the usual morning routine and I’m out the door to catch the 7.46 am train to work. On the train, I’ll be watching NBA highlights on my phone. Work is conveniently located on top of Britomart station so it’s just a minute or less walk away.

8.30 AM

I get to my desk and for the next 30 minutes, I check through any emails that have come through overnight write down my priorities for the day.

Jarrod checking emails at his desk

9.00 AM

Every Tuesday we have technical training in the morning, where members in my team take turns leading a session on relevant topics for the team. On this particular day, I’m leading the session. I’ll be presenting on the topic of financial automation and how it can be applied within EY’s service offerings.

Jarrod making a presentation to colleague

10.30 AM

After the training session, I’m back at my desk preparing notes and financial materials for a client meeting coming up. I’ll be accompanying both my Manager and Director to a scrap yard where we’ll be meeting with the CFO and conducting an interview to assist with the Transfer Pricing Report.

11.00 AM

We arrive at the client site and are given a full rundown on safety procedures, as well as issued safety gear before being taken on a full tour of the yard. We learn how each of their teams based on-site work, and watch their heavy machines operate. This was a good way to see up close and personal the client we would be working with in the next couple of months. After the tour, we go straight into the interview conducted by the Director.

Jarrod visiting his client at the scrap yard

12.30 PM

Once back at the office I type up all the notes we have gathered from the interview, as well as other information that may be relevant for when we officially begin the project. I then need to make sure the cloud workspace is set up and all relevant parties are included. The projects can last up to a year and so we need to help ensure the foundations are covered if we need to refer back to these, especially for annual rollovers.

Jarrod making notes

1.00 PM

Lunchtime for me is a quick session at the gym. It’s located across the road from the office and I go there with other colleagues. I would usually attend the classes for a nice quick burn and then sit in the sauna for a bit. After that I’ll hit the showers and return to work. For me, a light workout is good to keep the mind pumped for the rest of the day. I also have a bit of lunch to keep me going through the afternoon.

2.00 PM

I have a sit down with my counsellor and discuss goals and workflow for the next few months. We re-evaluate my progress and think of ways I can improve myself going forward. We also use this time to touch base on whether I’m happy with the work given and if I’m interested in trying other things out. The EY organisation is extremely accommodating with workplace mentors, and my weekly coach sessions are super helpful for my transition as a graduate. 

Jarrod shaking hands with cousellor

2.30 PM

This is the home stretch. For the next 2 and a half hours, I’ll sit at my desk with my head down and do the work. That means continuing with other ongoing projects and preparing for when my Director gives me the go on some of our documents. These clients are Multinational Enterprises, so a large part of my day would be researching their current market position and re-evaluating their annual finances. My current work right now is financial benchmarking. So, collecting comparable companies and using their financial margins as a form of justification for the clients pricing model on both their distributions sales and the services they offer from an inter-company level.

Jarrod sitting on chair and concentrating

5.30 PM

Once most of my work is finished I’ll start prepping for the next day. That means booking in meeting slots with colleagues and the management team and getting a better idea on what my utilisation would look like. Once work is done for the day I pack up my desk and make my way back down to the station and train back home (whilst also thinking about what to cook for dinner). The train ride is 15 minutes long, so I use this time to reflect and look back on my day.

7.00 PM

I decided to cook roast Moroccan chicken for dinner, with coconut rice on the side. Once my food has fully digested, I’ll do some light studying for my CFA exams coming up. Work offers study leave as well, so I evenly distribute times to complete modules either after work, on the weekend or during the day. It’s all about finding that balance.

10.00 PM

After that, I make my way to my room and call it a night. I ensure I get a good night’s rest to prep for another big day tomorrow.