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We are a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of products and systems for use in acute and chronic respiratory care, surgery and the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Driven by a strong sense of purpose, we are working to improve patient care and outcomes through inspired and world-leading healthcare solutions. The needs of our customers and their patients drive everything we do. We call this commitment Care by Design. 

Our medical devices and technologies help clinicians deliver the best possible patient care. They enable patients to transition into less-acute care settings, recover more quickly and avoid more serious conditions. Because of our products and therapies, many patients can be treated in the comfort of their own homes instead of in the hospital. Not only does this make life better for the patient, but it also reduces costs for the world’s healthcare systems.

Product innovation has been the cornerstone of our success since 1969 when our first prototype respiratory humidifier was developed. Today, we are still striving to lead the way in the development of medical devices and technologies by continuously improving our products, pioneering new therapies, and changing clinical practice.  


Our business is all about people. And it all starts with our people, our employees. Regardless of what role we’re in, what background we come from and what country we live in, at our core, we are all about generating ideas that make a difference in the world. And to do this well you need a culture that is collaborative, open, diverse, honest and inclusive. 

Our purpose of improving care and outcomes through inspired and world-leading healthcare solutions isn’t just a slogan that we put on the wall: it is a belief and a vision that guides us every day. There is an uncompromising way we do business here with ethics, integrity and care.

And it’s care that is inherent in everything we do – our relationships, our decisions, our daily interactions with each other – at the end of the day it’s our philosophy and our story. But it’s not by accident because it’s been built that way. Our culture is intentional. It’s cared by design.

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