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Adam Pauling

Adam Pauling studied Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Mathematics at the University of Canterbury and is now a Junior Analyst Developer at FNZ.

adam standing

6.45 AM

If I made it to sleep at a sensible time, I usually wake up around 6.45. I spend quarter of an hour grabbing some practice on Duolingo from bed and then jump up to do a brief workout in my room, before showering and smashing some yogurt and berries for breakfast.

8.00 AM

If today’s a day like above, it’s time to head out the door. It’s about a 30-minute walk through the botanic gardens to the office.

8.30 AM

Half the time though, I don’t go to sleep until past midnight – I’m a bit of a night owl. When that happens, I’ll usually wake up around 8.30 and roll out of bed to my home setup to eat some breakfast while reading my emails - I’ll be working from home for the morning.

Whether I’m in the office or not, it’s time for a coffee. Usually I’ll grab instant, but sometimes I’ll get a cappuccino from Café Brenton across the road from the office.

Now I have time to focus before my first stand up for the day – I spend this time doing any code reviews assigned to me or carrying on with work from yesterday.

10.00 AM

My first stand up for the day is at 10 – technically I don’t need to attend this one as I have one at 11.15, but I usually come along to this one anyway as there are often questions around test-automation, an area I am involved in. This is generally a 15-minute call with my wider team. My delivery manager gets brief updates from the dev team on where we are at with our assigned bugs and from the test team regarding their test queues.

10.15 AM

Another hour to focus. If I’m working on new build, this could involve doing some analysis, discussing the solution with my business analyst (BA), and progressing that solution. Predominately I’ll be working in C# but working in ASP.NET also means working with legacy code written in Visual Basic.

11.15 AM

My wider team is divided into ‘streams’ based on what specific area of work different groups within my team are working on. Day-to-day I work mostly within my stream – around half-a-dozen developers, testers and our BA. At 11.15 we have our stream stand-up. We do a 15-minute ‘round-the-room’ in which everyone gives a brief update of where they are up to with what they were working on the previous day, as well as an outline of what they are looking to achieve today. It’s also an opportunity to catch up and have a bit of a yarn.

11.30 AM

Frequently while I’m developing, I come across areas I don’t understand, parts of the proposed solution that need more fleshing out, and potential problem areas that need discussing. When this occurs, I’ll jump on a call with my BA to talk through each of these areas. They can often help, but when there’s something they aren’t familiar with, they can direct me towards someone that does.

12.30 PM

If I’ve been working from home for the morning, I usually head into the office around lunch time.

Lunch is almost certainly a cheeky trip to TJ Katsu just around the corner from the office. After grabbing some sushi, I head up to third floor to eat with my mates and maybe get a couple of games of foosball in before lunch is over.

adam playing

1.30 PM

Often in the afternoon, myself or one of the other developers will be having a functional review (FR). This happens when a piece of build has been completed and the developer walks through the functionality with their business analyst and other interested developers and testers. Once the FR has been passed and the developer is confident in their dev-testing, the build can be put into code-review.

2.30 PM

The last few hours of the day offer another chance to focus on development. This will usually include putting my head down and getting my own dev work done, helping out others that have questions regarding my areas of knowledge, or doing some more code reviews. I make sure I take a stretch every now and then to go pester my co-workers and have a break.

adam at his desk

4.00 PM

Fortnightly on Thursdays at 4, I have a meeting with my line manager. This is a chance to talk over any issues, questions or plans I have and to just keep up to date with how life is going at FNZ.

5.30 PM

I usually head home between 5.30 and 6. If I have any more work I need to get done, I’ll get it done later in the night at home, otherwise, I’m done for the day.

On Fridays, it’s time to grab some drinks and head up to level 3. After an hour or so, we usually end up down the road at Leroy’s or another one of the local bars.