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What GHD is best known for 

GHD is a global professional services company that leads through engineering and architectural skills and experience. Their forward-looking, innovative approach connects and sustains communities in Aotearoa and around the world, delivering extraordinary social and economic outcomes. 

In New Zealand and Fiji, there are 800+ diverse and skilled individuals connected by twelve offices across the region. The company has been involved in projects such as the Te Ara I Whiti (the Auckland ‘light path’), has designed award-winning buildings such as hastings Police Station and is currently advising the New Zealand Government on the Three Waters Reform. 

Globally, GHD spans five continents – Asia, Australia, Europe, North, South America and the Pacific region, employing over 10,000 staff across more than 200 offices. 

What makes GHD different 

GHD is an employee-owned company with a stated vision and a determination to address humanity’s most urgent needs: to ensure water, energy and urbanisation are made sustainable for generations to come. 

What candidates value most about GHD 

GHD is committed to developing and supporting talented, motivated graduates who are eager to launch their careers as change-makers. They encourage curiosity, foster new ideas, and support graduates and interns to create meaningful change. 

GHD commits to investing in your career path and professional development, by giving you the resources and mentorship to do your best work. They are very fortunate to have thousands of brilliantly interesting and diverse people across our business to help stimulate great new thinking. 

GHD's corporate responsibility initiatives 

Inclusion and Diversity (I&D)

GHD strives to be an inclusive community where everyone feels they belong. Their inclusion and diversity (I&D) focused culture is core to who they are and what they stand for.

GHD's culture celebrates and reflects the brilliant diversity of their people, clients and the communities they work in.

Their approach broadly encompasses all elements of diversity, acknowledging all individuals are unique. This includes factors such as educational background, thinking and leadership styles, culture, sexual orientation and gender identity, age, neurodiversity, upholding tangata whenua, and flexible ways of working.

GHD aspire to be a leading employer for I&D in their industry, and they are continuously striving to do better. Their commitment to I&D focuses on what greater inclusion can unlock for their people, clients and industry.

In New Zealand and the Pacific, there are several Employee Resource Groups (ESGs) set up to foster and support Inclusion & Diversity across the region. These are the Women in GHD (WinG), Young Professionals (YP), and the Cultural Committee.


For GHD, sustainability has a broad definition that encompasses the development of people, contribution to the world, management of risk and good governance. Their actions in this area align with their purpose - to drive lasting community benefit.

As an organisation, they are committed to assisting their clients to be more sustainable and to supporting their vision of making water, energy and urbanisation sustainable for generations to come.

GHD has been a signatory to the UN Global Compact since 2010, which supports an organisation's commitment to do business responsibly by aligning their strategies with the UN principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.  The global business has made a commitment to be carbon neutral by 2025, whilst the New Zealand business has led the way to become a Toitū carbonzero certified organisation in 2021.  

Ultimately, sustainability is at the heart of what GHD do, embedding within projects, within their organisation, and with their communities. 

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process

As a diverse business, GHD recruits grads from many disciplines. The firm aims to hire people who will embrace its values of safety, teamwork, respect and integrity.

The recruitment process appears to involve making an online application then attending an interview. If you want to make it to the interview stage, you’ll need to submit a strong cover letter. One that, along with all the standard information, outlines how your skills match the grad role on offer and how your “unique contribution of attributes” can add value to GHD. If you are invited to an interview, make sure you convey what you’re hoping to get out of working at GHD, what skills and passion you bring to the table and how your academic qualifications, as well as your life and work experience, make you a natural fit for both the firm and the role you are applying for.

GHD’s two-year grad program takes an integrated, holistic approach to developing future leaders and technical specialists. The program is a combination of tailored learning and development programs, site visits, business and social networking events, and mentoring. You will also gain invaluable on-the-job experience and create networks that will last a lifetime.

Remuneration & Career Growth


GHD is an employee-owned business, which means the better the firm does, the better it’s employee shareholders do.

As part of its efforts to create a more diverse workforce, GHD has introduced flexible working arrangements, as well as generous maternity and paternity leave. It appears the firm offers the standard benefits such as subsidised insurance and gym memberships and a well-stocked office kitchen.

Over time, staff may be offered the opportunity to buy shares in the firm but need to sell them when they leave. 

Career prospects

Given the size of GHD and the scope of its operations, there are plenty of opportunities for strong performers to advance rapidly. GHD encourages staff to attain professional accreditation in their discipline. It also provides them with access to the GHD Business School. This provides “diverse learning opportunities” that allow GHD staff to “acquire the experience and knowledge you need to be a truly effective member of our team”. 

Grads can participate in GHD’s Young Professionals Group, which “mixes learning and global networking across a wide range of social, community and professional development activities”.

Like all GHD staff, grads are encouraged to make use of their Career Pathways tool. This supports and guides employees to develop an impressive portfolio of skills and experiences, so they are well positioned to advance their careers.

Graduate Reviews

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Work Hours
Corporate Social Responsibility
Work Hours
Corporate Social Responsibility
What Graduates Say About Them
  • The support from my team and my higher-ups makes me confident in getting things wrong but then trying again with support and doing better
  • I think people are really understanding of Graduates having virtually no corporate experience. They are happy to answer questions and give you time to learn.
  • There are ample opportunities to develop a range of technical skills and workplace development skills. The people are incredible to work with who embody the principles of kotahitanga (unity), awhinatanga (kindness) and manaakitanga (support). Flexible work hours and working locations to accommodate my needs as a single mother who is also studying. You can be yourself and express/share the things you are passionate about and value.
  • The coworkers are lovely to be around and interact with, I feel appreciated and urged to learn new things which is good. The office location supports cycling and is close to town which is a bonus.
  • Supportive team, understanding and relaxed environment. Going home within reasonable hours. Opportunities to work in and visit other offices.
  • Studying a creative degree to then head to a creative role in a corporate environment as a newbie, it's not really what you expect. Training is sufficient here, however exploring and developing your creativity here is a bit stunted. You will need to go outside to fulfil your creative needs
  • Lack of development in cultural capability but they are working on it which is encouraging.
  • Too many project opportunities so couldn't figured out which one to prioritise
  • Larger company means you don't know everyone or everything that's going on, and can get lost in the crowd a bit
  • The work can be not very engaging at times

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  • Auckland, Canterbury, Wellington, Tauranga, Hamilton, Dunedin, Taumarunui, Fiji
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A day in the life of a graduate

Meet Zara, Graduate Interior Designer. In this video, she takes you through a day in her life working in the Auckland office.

Let's solve the big problems together

Find out more about GHD's graduate programme - who we are and what we stand for.

A day in the life of a graduate

Meet Zara, Graduate Interior Designer. In this video, she takes you through a day in her life working in the Auckland office.

Let's solve the big problems together

Find out more about GHD's graduate programme - who we are and what we stand for.