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The Halter Story

The future of food production hinges on an important question: How do we feed the world’s growing population without compromising our natural resources? Farmers feed our population and hold the keys to vital climate solutions. At Halter, we’re on a mission to enable farmers to run the most productive and sustainable farms. Farmers are using Halter to break free from the time-intensive constraints of conventional farming. They’re growing more grass, increasing milk production and improving the health and wellbeing of their cows.

We bridge deep tech into farming. Halter enables farmers to remotely shift, virtually fence and proactively monitor their cows’ health and behaviour. Can you imagine watching 500 dairy cows turn in unison and walk calmly towards the milking shed? No quad bikes, no dogs, no fences. Just a mob of cows walking at their own pace. People say it looks like magic. Our customers are revolutionizing farming with Halter. It's changing lives and transforming an industry.

People join Halter because they want to do meaningful work. By joining us you’ll be solving challenging problems within a talented team and a culture built for high performance. Our team out-think, out-work and out-care. We’re committed to delivering real change in the world - this isn’t easy, and in truth, we love that it’s hard. We’re backed to deliver on a mission that matters by Tier 1 investors including Bessemer Venture Partners, DCVC, Blackbird, Promus Ventures, Rocket Lab’s Peter Beck and Icehouse ventures.

Why you should (or shouldn't) join Halter?

Dedicate yourself to solving real-world problems alongside an epic team in a culture designed around growth.

  • Performance. Join a world-class team that prioritises talent, smart work and hunger over experience.
  • Growth. Challenge yourself to think and act beyond your perceived limits to achieve incredible growth.
  • Care. Support and uplift each other through the realities of performing in a high-growth environment.
  • Impact. Change an entire industry and make a genuine difference in the real world with your work.

Our Values

  1. Max velocity. As a company, we move as quickly as possible. This allows us to learn quicker, discover risks earlier and ultimately outpace our competition. Aligned through clear direction and context we act rapidly but precisely. Although not comfortable, we recognise velocity as the key to Halter’s continued success
  2. Bold informed bets. From the outset Halter has set audacious goals. Always questioning the status quo, we recognise innovation as a vital ingredient for continued success. We take calculated risks; proactively placing bets, we work smartly to tip the odds in our favour. We know that not every bet will provide a return but we also know that the cost of not placing bets is much higher.
  3. Farmers first, animals always. We connect deeply with our farmers and build solutions around their animals that are transformational. We start with the farmer experience and work backwards, recognising the fine balance of progress and care. We create authentic, helpful and enduring relationships with each of our customers built on trust and a shared love of animals.
  4. Be a founder. Working at Halter is more than just a job. We hire people that act like great founders, displaying the highest level of care and ownership across everything we do. Just like a founder, we prioritise the company above ourselves. We are all focused on a movement towards the vision but care deeply about the details and above all else own our outcomes.
  5. It’s a privilege. Our work matters. We are reshaping an entire industry and ultimately impacting millions of lives. With such high stakes, the path is likely to test us. But through the journey, we retain perspective and passion, irrespective of the successes or difficulties we face along the way. We never forget just how fortunate we are to pursue such important and meaningful work.

Recruitment Process

  • Prescreen with Recruiter: Combination of general technical, culture fit and admin questions
  • 2nd round interview with the hiring manager or senior employee: Further technical and culture + value add questions
  • A challenge or case study - To be handed in or to be presented in the next round of interviews
  • 3rd round of interviews at Halter: This involves you meeting with a number of people from your team and other teams. It may involve a case study and also a culture & value add interview.
  • Final Interview with Craig Piggot, our CEO
  • Reference checks & offer

Who are we looking for?

We hire world-class people that care. People who are humble and curious, unafraid to question the status quo. We want people who are driven to learn and thrive on challenges and own outcomes through to the finish line. 

  • Are you comfortable being uncomfortable? We're doing things that have never been done before. There is no playbook. The speed that we're innovating will push you out of your comfort zone and require you to enjoy being there. We trust our instincts and team, and it's our resilience and focus that keep us moving forward, fast. Always fast.
  • Are you brave enough to fail? We are not afraid of fearless, fast failure; we welcome it because we learn from it. Our ambitions are bigger than most, and we will achieve them quickly. We take responsibility for our outcomes and prioritise them over output. And if we have to, we know that starting over is really just starting from experience.
  • Are you a humble leader? Bring your whole self and speak up when you disagree. We're here for each other, our farmers and to drastically improve the lives of billions of animals around the world. There's no time for empire building, no space for the agenda of one, no tolerance forego.
  • Are you fixated on growth? Are you content with the status quo? We're not. We're driven to challenge, question and drive positive change to transform our industry. We believe that great ideas can and do come from anywhere, but the skills, mindsets and passion to deliver them are tirelessly built, not born.

Remuneration & Career Growth

Our Benefits - Don't join us solely for these reasons but we also offer:

  • Unlimited paid annual leave - You're working at the top of your game and we trust you to know when to deliver and when to take a break.
  • EAP and Paid Wellness Leave - Life happens to us all. Our Employee Assistance Programme and wellness leave are here to support you.
  • Growth Fund - Growth. That’s maybe learning to surf or sharpening up your coding skills. We support your ambitions with $1000 per year.
  • Dog-friendly offices - Dogs are our best friends. Don’t leave them at home, let them contribute to making Halter an epic place to work.
  • ESOP - Own your outcomes and part of Halter. We’re all invested in ensuring our potential growth is realised.
  • Full-stocked fridges and pantries - Refuel. Barista-quality coffee machine for the morning picks me up. Nutritious fruit, snacks and sodas to top you up during the day.
  • Flexible working arrangements - You have a life outside of Halter. We’re office-first, but flexible with hours and working remotely when you need to.
  • Health Insurance - Healthy body, healthy mind. We’re partnered with Southern Cross to support your well-being.
  • Parental Care - We offer 6 months of fully paid parental leave for primary caregivers, 4 weeks of fully paid secondary caregiver leave, flexible return to work, fully paid annual leave entitlement upon returning to work, miscarriage leave & free sleep consultant training.

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A Day In The Life Of

  • Day in the life

Divya Roshinkumar

Appreciation and gratitude go a long way in making one feel like a valuable member of the team.
  • Day in the life

Divya Roshinkumar

Appreciation and gratitude go a long way in making one feel like a valuable member of the team.
  • Day in the life

Divya Roshinkumar

Appreciation and gratitude go a long way in making one feel like a valuable member of the team.
  • Day in the life

Divya Roshinkumar

Appreciation and gratitude go a long way in making one feel like a valuable member of the team.