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  • 50,000 - 100,000 employees

Honeywell Graduate Programs & Internships

  • R&D and Manufacturing

What it does: Produces technologically advanced products for various types of industry. 

Mission: “Make a difference in everything we do.”

Size and presence: 99.000 employees.

Best known for: The pioneer in autopilot invention during WW II

The good bits: A good exposure to a global corporation’s network and environment. Various types of internship programs. 

The not-so-good bits: corporate bureaucracy with multiple layers of management

Honeywell’s Story

Honeywell foundation was started by the invention of the ‘damper-flapper’, a thermostat predecessor, by Alburt Butz in 1885. The invention is essential to the modern world since it made an automated heating system now possible to apply at home. He then founded The Butz Thermo-Electric Regulator Co. and not shortly after, he left the company and left the patent to the legal firm (Paul, Sanford, and Merwin). 

The company then changed its names several times, following its development throughout its early operation. The company started to use its recent popular name after a young engineer, Mark Honeywell, founded Honeywell Heating Specialty Co. Incorporated in 1906. The business was concentrated in the heating system industry. 

Honeywell went through several mergers and acquisitions during 1922-1934. The most notable momentum for the company was when AlliedSignal acquired Honeywell in 1999 and choose to use ‘Honeywell’ as their new name. And in 2005, Honeywell acquired Universal Oil Products.

The company has several notable inventions that are essential to modern-day technology. The prime example would be the automated heating system, autopilot system invention during World War II, unleaded gasoline, biodegradable detergent, collision avoidance system (The Ground Proximity Warning System), the 39 barcodes, and many more. 

Culture & Vibes

Honeywell has a professional environment within the workforce, and the company sets up a standard of compliance, especially for manufacturing and engineering workloads to meet certain expected quality and results. Some employees stated that they’re having supportive, friendly, and fun co-workers, especially those who need to work in a team. Employees also said that flexibility and individuality are not empty promises within the company, which shows that Honeywell respected and cares about its employees. Therefore, work and life balance are possible to achieve. 

Recruitment Process

Both internships and graduate career programs in Honeywell are applying the same hiring process, which consists of three rounds of interviews. A screening interview with HR then continued with an interview with the hiring manager, and last, an interview in a group panel with situational and behavioural questions. Some former interns applied through campus recruiting, and others were applying online directly on Honeywell’s website. The company constantly updates vacant positions and posts internship opening schedules. Any information regarding the requirement and eligibility will be posted on the website. The process may take weeks and a month. 

Career Prospects

Students and graduates are welcome to apply at Honeywell. The company offers various programs to jumpstart your career in its departments. There are internships for students and early career programs for recent graduates in several areas; sales, engineering, finance, human resource, information technology, and supply chain. All of those departments offer rotational programs, allowing graduates to choose which roles within the department that fit their area of studies and expertise. Rotational programs in Honeywell will last in three rotations in 12-18 months. However, the engineering and supply chain department provides more specific and various career and internship programs compared to the rest since the company's work revolves mostly around engineering and the supply chain. 


Honeywell pays interns who joined the program in the amount of $40.000 up to more than $70.000 annually, depending on the role. A software engineer and a mechanical engineer may take home $54.000, an IT intern may receive $61.000, and so does a chemical engineer. Meanwhile, a financial analyst may receive $49.000, a business analyst may receive $55.000, and a procurement specialist will receive $58.000 annually. 

In the meantime, full-time employees get paid higher. A full-time mechanical engineer will receive $86.000, a software engineer may receive $89.000, a project engineer may take home $96.000, a research scientist may receive $105.000, a business analyst receives $81.000, and a marketing specialist receives $72.000 annually. 


  • Medical care, dental, and vision insurance 
  • Telehealth
  • Mental health coaching support 
  • Flu shots
  • Basic life insurance, accidental death, and dismemberment
  • Short-term and long-term disability benefit
  • Commuter benefit
  • 401k plan 
  • Employee discounts
  • Vacations and holidays
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Education assistance
  • Adoption assistance 

Social Contributions

Honeywell is committed to contributing to the communities by doing philanthropic activities in three pillars; STEM education, humanitarian relief, also inclusivity, and diversity. In STEM education,  Honeywell partnered with Digi-Bridge to provide 750 STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) learning kits to students in five schools in economically challenged neighbourhoods across the city. Helping students to get hands-on experience in learning with supported tools. 

Meanwhile, in humanitarian relief, Honeywell supported small businesses to adapt to the shifting in their business due to COVID-19 by granting them funds up to $40.000. Business owners used the fund to facilitate their business with innovation that catered to coronavirus-prompted changes. Safer packaging and service for a dine-in small restaurant, and new software to build virtual shopping, are several examples of how awardees use Honeywell’s fund to navigate their businesses.  


In May 2021, Honeywell got hit by controversy due to its export of technical drawings of several military aircraft to China and other countries during 2011-2015. The drawings were showing off layouts, dimensions, and geometries for manufacturing casting for multiple aircraft. Therefore, it was said that Honeywell’s export raises concerns for national security. The company faced 34 charges for that matter. The U.S. State Department said that the company would pay a settlement of $13 million for this allegation. 

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