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What it does: It operates lightweight Electron orbital rockets and provides reliable access to space for small satellites. It is an end-to-end space company delivering reliable launch services, satellite components, spacecraft, and on-orbit management. 

Mission: to deliver innovative, high-quality technologies to the space industry. The company was founded with a vision to cater to the growing requirement within the international market for fast but cost-effective methods of delivering payloads to space. 

Size and presence: Rocket Lab has more than 1,300 employees working for it at different job positions and launch sites. It has so far 28 launched, 1 48 satellites deployed, 3 launch pads, and 2 Photon satellites in orbit. 

Best known for: successfully launching 80 sounding rockets and for becoming the first private company to reach space from the Southern Hemisphere in 2009. 

The good bits: Rocket Lab is an end-to-end space company offering launch services, satellite components, spacecraft, and on-orbit management. It offers several job opportunities and a chance to work for some leading names such as NASA, DARPA, Canon, Black Sky, Space Flight, Fleet, and more. 

The not-so-good bits: Working with an aerospace manufacturer and launch service provider comes with great responsibilities and accountability. Also, working in a team can be a bit challenging as everyone has their perspective and expertise. 

Rocket Lab Story 

Founded in New Zealand by Peter Back in 2006, Rocket Lab is a public American aerospace manufacturer and launch service, provider. The company has completed several missions and is currently operating lightweight Electron orbital rockets and providing dedicated launches for small satellites. 

Rocket Lab became the first private company in the Southern Hemisphere to reach space. This success was a result of launching its Atea-1 sounding rocket in November 2009. The company was also awarded a U.S. government contract from the Operationally Responsive Space Office (ORS) in December 2010 to study a low-cost space launcher to place CubeSats into orbit. 

As the company was registered in New Zealand when it was established, it moved its registration to the United States around 2013. With this, it opened its headquarters in Huntington Beach, California and, later in 2020, it moved its headquarters to Long Beach, California. 

As of now, Rocket Lab has announced a plan to build a larger Neutron rocket by 2024 along with other missions. 

Culture & Vibe 

Rocket Lab offers a work environment where everyone is self-motivated and brings new ideas to life. The teams are encouraged to innovate and connect the ideas of the future to space. They are also encouraged to take inspiration from the possibilities and maintain a positive attitude towards everything. 

Moreover, the work culture is fun and at the same time based on certain values. The idea is to do the impossible by building beautiful things and keep evolving in this highly competitive world. These values keep employees motivated to be fiercely efficient. 

Recruitment Process  

First, the candidates will have to check all open positions at Rocket Lab by visiting the website and looking for the ones that match their educational qualifications. The jobs are listed on the site along with the locations. They will be required to apply for the job by filling out an online application form and providing all necessary details. 

Candidates can find the complete details like duties & responsibilities of the job role, required skills, required education & experience, and preferred skills by clicking on ‘Apply for Job’. They can either sign in to LinkedIn or fill out the given form to get started with the recruitment process. 

The selected applicants will be called for an interview and there may also be a telephonic round before the in-person interview. The number of interviews will depend on the type and complexity of the job and some may also require clearing written tests or assessments. 

Career Prospects 

There are many job opportunities for the most deserving candidates at Rocket Lab. Individuals looking for a career in aerospace manufacturing and launch services can explore the open positions. It looks for candidates who are talented, self-motivated, and passionate about finding possibilities and turning them into reality. 

Interested candidates can consider jobs like Facilities Maintenance Coordinator, Embedded Flight Software Engineer, Mechanical Engineers, Software Engineer, Spacecraft Systems Engineer, Program Manager, Data Management, Electrical Engineers, Manufacturing Engineer, Structural Analyst, Dynamics Analyst, Avionics Technician, Manager, and more. 

Rocket Lab also provides scholarships and educational opportunities for students and interns who are looking for early career options. 


The average estimated annual salary of employees at Rocket Lab is $152,543. The average salaries may range from a low of $134,542 per year to a high of $173,819 per year. The salaries may vary depending on the job, responsibilities, department, location, as well as the skills and experience of each employee. 

The average salary for a Manufacturing Engineer at Rocket Lab ranges from around $74,000 per year to $72,000 per year for an Engineer. The average hourly pay range from approximately $28 per hour for a technician. 


  • Competitive compensation
  • Medical benefits 
  • Paid leaves and vacations 
  • Health & wellness programs 
  • Discounts 
  • Work-life benefits 
  • Employee Stock Purchase Program

Social Contributions 

Rocket Lab believes in ‘supporting great causes here on Earth and working to improve life on the planet. It is directly supporting community programs and organizations to help society, communities, and the environment. The Rocket Lab Community Grants are aimed to provide funds and support to encourage education and careers in science, engineering, technology, and math. 

It has so far donated around $20 million to local economics through direct and indirect employment, infrastructure development, and supporting local suppliers. Moreover, it has volunteered over 100 hours in community initiatives including environment protection programs, public events, educational programs, etc. 

The company also provides scholarships and grants to community groups and schools intending to encourage communities to learn new skills. 


Rocket Labs is criticized for breaking a promise to Mahia locals and using military payloads. It started when the company launched a controversial experimental satellite from the Mahia site. The Mahia community was promised that the facility would not be used for military purposes. There were environmental concerns and also about access to things like urupa and wahi tapu. 

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Internship, Clerkship or Placement

Long Beach
Propel your engineering career with hands-on experience in cutting-edge propulsion systems during Rocket Lab’s dynamic internship program.
Applications Close
30 Jun 2024
Start Date
1 Aug 2024 - 30 Sep 2024
USD 28 / Hour

Internship, Clerkship or Placement

Long Beach
Launch your engineering career by innovating and testing cutting-edge technologies in Rocket Lab’s dynamic internship program.
Applications Close
30 Jun 2024
Start Date
1 Aug 2024 - 30 Sep 2024
USD 28 / Hour