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Savannah Seekup

I like to be organised and on top of things. Once all is in order it's time for a knockoff.

6.00 AM

I receive the rude awakening of my alarm popping off – I am not a morning person…yet! While half asleep I change into gym gear and start my day off right.

8.00 AM

I make my way through the bustling streets of Wellington and take the lift to level 9. I manage to quickly nab myself a window seat overlooking the Wellington harbour. After placing my gym gear in my locker, I refresh myself with a cup of tea and begin to check my calendar, go through my emails and prepare myself for another busy, fun-filled day.

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8.30 – 11.59 AM

My mornings are usually filled with meetings with external learning providers, Subject Matter Experts and Senior/Principal Advisors. We discuss ways we can improve the future of learning and I manage the day-to-day tasks that shape this into reality.

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12.00 PM

Lunchtime! My favourite part of the day. I usually try to bring leftovers or prep an easy meal from home. Some days I ‘forget’ my lunch and take a walk downstairs to our café – here you can find Wellington’s best cheese scones.

12.30 – 3.59 PM

The afternoons seem to fly past with firing off emails, completing different tasks each day and bantering with colleagues. When I need to knuckle down and concentrate, I put my earphones in and hustle in. You can usually find me doing this when I am working on a complex Excel spreadsheet or developing our Learning Management System. The working environment is very calming and fun to be around, colleagues are usually moving about within their workday schedule.

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4.00 PM

I have a run of the tasks I have completed and set up a ‘to-do list for tomorrow. I like to be organised and on top of things. Once all is in order it's time for a knockoff.

4.30 PM

I know I am very lucky to be living 30 minutes' walking distance away from work. I promise I don’t take it for granted! Once home I love to socialise with friends and get ready to play either social Netball or Touch. Those are the two currently on the go, the sports do vary from time to time.

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9.00 PM

I’m knackered by the end of the day. After dinner and a heavenly shower, I am ready for bed. Although, I do find myself stuck on social media or convincing myself another episode of Ozark is a good idea before lights out… 2-3 hours later.

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