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What it does: Unilever USA deals in consumer goods that are divided into three main categories including Home Care, Foods & Refreshments, and Beauty & Personal Care. 

Mission: ‘to make sustainable living commonplace’ by providing high-quality products and bringing hundreds of brands to homes, kitchens, and bathrooms. 

Size and presence: Unilever has around 148,000 employees across the world and has over 400 brand names in different countries. As of 2021, the company employed around 37,00 people throughout America. 

Best known for: Supplying foods and drinks like Ben & Jerry’s, Cornetto, Hellmann’s, Knorr, Magnum, Lipton, Lyons tea, PG Tips, etc, and home care including Comfort, Dove, Sure, Surf, Tresemme, Vaseline, Sure, Lynx, and more. 

The good bits: Unilever is such a big brand and has many popular names under its hood and this makes it a company worth working for. It provides immense career opportunities and a nurturing work environment where learning remains constant. 

The not-so-good bits: As Unilever USA has many products and brands under its hood, managing everything while staying ahead of the competitors can be a big challenge for employees. However, this also makes it a great place to learn, earn, and innovate. 

Unilever Story 

Unilever plc is a British multinational consumer goods company based in London and it deals in a wide variety of products. The main product categories include beauty & wellbeing, personal care, home care, nutrition, and ice cream. It has 400 brands around the world out of which some are immensely popular. Unilever has business operations in three main divisions: Home Care, Beauty & Personal Care, and Foods and Refreshments. 

Unilever was formed in 1929 by a merger of the operations of Dutch Margarine Unie and British soapmaker Lever Brothers. It was during the 1930s when the business grew and the company came up with several new ventures. During the same year, it acquired the United Africa Company and launched several products. In 1943, the company acquired T.J. Lipton and Bachelors Peas, and the following year Pepsodent. 

Today, the company has an impressive portfolio of around 400 brands around the world. Some popular brands under Unilever’s name include AXE, Dove, AHC, Ben & Jerry’s, Hellmann’s, Knorr, Lipton, Magnum, Popsicle, Pond’s, Nexxus, Simple, St. Ives, Vaseline, Tresemme, and more. 

Culture & Vibe 

Unilever USA is creating new ways of working to suit everyone and that’s why applicants can expect a fun work environment. The company is focusing more on personally and professionally satisfying work and therefore offering a flexible environment. The workplace values adaptability to improve skills and performance. 

The company is implementing new employment models that are all about flexibility, helping people stay employed, and elevating skills. The new models are being used to make sure that employees are working efficiently and meeting the needs of an automated workplace. 

Hybrid working arrangements, U-Work, and U-Renew are some work models adopted by the company. The company wants to build a healthy and diverse culture while focusing on empowering people through education, training, and well-being. 

Recruitment Process 

An online application form is easy to apply for all open positions at Unilever. The recruitment process is divided into 4 main steps including…

  • Online Application 
  • Interview with Talent Advisor
  • Interview with Line Manager
  • Job Offer 

For applying for different job positions, candidates can also use their LinkedIn profiles. The first interview will be focused on getting to know each other while the second interview will be a bit technical. It is conducted to know the skills and qualifications of the candidates to see if they can be a suitable fit for the role and responsibilities. 

The last and final round is making a job offer and welcoming the candidate at Unilever. 

Career Prospects 

Unilever is such a big name and offers many job opportunities to deserving candidates. There are many options to choose from including Marketing, Research & Development, Consumer Development, Human Resources, Finance, Supply Chain, Data & Analytics, IT, Legal, Communications & Corporate Affairs, General Management,  and Workplace Services.  

The company has listed all the jobs on its website along with the requirements and eligibility criteria. The application process is quite simple and transparent. 


The average estimated annual salary at Unilever is $129,331, or $62 per hour (including base and bonus). However, the average estimated median salary is $127,759, or $61 per hour. The Director of Sales gets the highest salary of around $229,421 annually while the lowest paid is a CS Rep who gets around $45,004 annually. 


  • Shares Scheme 
  • Pension Scheme 
  • Subsidized onsite shop 
  • Leave arrangements 
  • Annual Bonus
  • Performance Share Plan 
  • On-the-job learning 
  • Insurance, Health & Wellness 

Social Contributions 

According to Unilever USA, the company is driven by a purpose: to make sustainable living commonplace. To make this happen, the company uses reusable, recyclable, or compostable plastic packaging. Approximately 50% of the plastic used in Unilever North America product packaging is recycled plastic. 

For Planet and Society, the company is taking into consideration a lot of issues faced by the world. These efforts include climate action, positive nutrition, health & wellbeing, raising living standards, a waste-free world, protection & regenerate nature, respecting human rights, responsible business, a sustainability reporting centre, safety & environmental science, and more. 


There have been a few controversies related to factory farming, animal testing, irresponsible marketing, human rights, pollution & toxins, and supply chain management. In a recent controversy, Ben & Jerry’s sues parent company Unilever about the sale of its Israeli business. 

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Embark on a dynamic journey optimizing global operations with Unilever's Supply Chain internship, where innovation meets sustainability.
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