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2023 Grads - Dylan (Technology Graduate)


2023 Graduate Experience

My experience as a grad at 2degrees has been extremely positive.

The hiring process was simple and fun, and I got a chance to meet lots of people at the group interview and find out a lot about the company.

Once I started, onboarding was great here. I felt supported the entire way through, and set up to succeed without being thrown into a team and forgotten about. One of my favourite parts of the whole experience is that the opportunities for development never disappear throughout the program, with regular technical and professional workshops, and coaching sessions constantly available.

A lot of the teams are very excited to get graduates, which means they are usually well set up to teach and mentor. I find I get the perfect balance of coaching and support vs trust and ownership of my own work. On top of this, the work that I am doing is actually impactful business work, and I can see myself contributing to the company in real time.

I started on the Agility Enablement team, and then moved to the Radio Network team, and in both teams faced the perfect amount of challenge, but also knew that I could talk to anyone for help, from a team mate to the executive leadership team.

Overall, I have had an excellent experience so far, and have found a workplace which I am proud to be at.