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Felix Maclarn

6.30 AM

My alarm goes off, signaling the start of my day.

7.30 AM

A 7.30 am train ensures I get to work on time and sets me up for a successful day.

8.20 AM

After arriving at work, I yarn with my pod mates as I check my emails and write out a to-do list for the day. This corresponds with my workflow tracker and ensures I am keeping up with any deadlines. As an Accountant, your workflow is driven by deadlines.

8.30 AM

My workday officially begins. Today’s slate begins with a group of entities that owns and rents out a portfolio of commercial properties. I have a call with the Senior Manager on the job at 9.00 am to prepare for. A positive about Baker Tilly Staples Rodway is that there are open communication channels between all levels of staff.

10.00 AM

This year I have been given the responsibility of organising the firm’s summer soccer team. This is an important part of building the firm culture and allows you to socialise with people from all around the firm. I have put some time aside this morning to organise the registration and send out a firm-wide email to gather numbers.

11.00 AM

An email goes out advising that we have treats in the breakout space to celebrate team members’ birthdays. This is a monthly occurrence where we order birthday cake(s) to acknowledge our monthly birthdays and take a break from work to chat and catch up.

12.30 PM

During lunch, the grads have additional training to help accelerate our development and provide context to daily work tasks. Today’s training is the advanced excel training. It is an interactive, discussion-based session aimed at making our day-to-day work easier by teaching us a number of excel formulas and shortcuts. We also get shouted lunch by the firm!

After our training, a group of us go for our daily walk down to the Cloud on the viaduct. It’s good to get out of the office, get some fresh air and reset for the rest of the day.

2.15 PM

My afternoon is often when meetings and catchups occur. The first of which today is the Social Club meeting. All grads are automatically on the Social Club Committee and it’s a good chance to get involved in decision making within the firm. We get together every few weeks to plan events, recap past events and look ahead to major events like Mid-Year and the Christmas Party.

Baker Tilly Staples - Felix with his colleagues - meeting

3.30 PM

My second meeting of the day is director catchup. Usually every 6 weeks, this offers an amazing chance to network with and gain insights, feedback and general life knowledge from someone who has been working in the industry for 20+ years. We discuss plenty of things ranging from work and personal development to sports and good Netflix shows.

5.00 PM

The business day ends, and I head off to the gym to get my daily exercise in before going home to relax. Work-life balance is very important at all levels to the firm. It would only be in exceptional circumstances that I would be required to work beyond standard business hours.

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