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2023 Grads - Niamh (Corporate Graduate)


2023 Graduate Experience

I've been in the grad program at 2degrees for the past year and can easily say it has been the most fun and formative experience I've had in my professional career so far. From day one, I have been encouraged to think outside the box, try new things and champion our Fighting for Fair purpose.

One of my favourite things about working at 2degrees has got to be the culture. You'll meet the smartest people in the biz who are always willing to listen to you, answer any questions and share their experiences. The connections you make here are lifelong and the culture is one that really encourages you to succeed.

So far, I have had roles in Sustainability and Purpose, Organisational Development, and have recently joined the Business Customer Operations team in a Change Lead role. The support built around the programme really focuses on enhancing your technical and soft skills while championing who YOU are and what you already bring to the table! I've already grown so much at 2degrees and I'm excited to see where the future takes me.