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Cultural & Linguistic Diversity at GSK

At GSK, creating an inclusive organisation that respects and promotes the diversity of its employees and the communities it serves is a key focus.

GSK's workforce consists of a diverse population of people with different backgrounds, races and religions. Harnessing these differences creates a productive environment in which everybody feels valued, talent can be fully utilised and organisational goals met.

  • GSK encourages their employees to embrace their culture under the #BeYou agenda. This has seen employees sharing their culture with others in the office through a range of events such as Diwali celebrations, Bollywood dancing, Easter around the world celebrations and more.
  • GSK offers global diversity training to all employees, helping them to understand the many cultures that help to shape our employees and customers.
  • GSK’s early talent recruitment process uses a strengths-based recruitment method, helping to eliminate any bias and allowing a more diverse range of candidates to be considered for the program.
  • Since its launch in 2009, GSK’s employee volunteering program, PULSE, has sent more than 705 employees from 63 countries to serve 120 non-profits around the world. By doing so, GSK’s employees can immerse themselves in different cultures while having a social contribution.
  • Trek for Kids is an employee fundraising initiative from the GSK and Save the Children partnership. Open to GSK employees worldwide, in March 2019 the 40 selected GSK trekkers climbed the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia to raise money for Save the Children. As well as raising more than £270,000, the employees had the invaluable experience of understanding the culture of Ethiopia and the culture of the other 39 employees on the trek.
  • Globally, GSK is a signatory to the Charter for Change at the 2018 UK Government Department for International Development Global Disability Summit, joining other organisations with a common aim to ensure rights, freedoms, dignity and inclusion for people with disabilities.
GSK employees at the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia