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Tatauranga Aotearoa | Stats NZ

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LGBTQ+ at Tatauranga Aotearoa | Stats NZ

Tatauranga Aoteara | Stats NZ has been leading the way for recognising and supporting the Rainbow communities since 2018.
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As an organistion we started our Rainbow inclusion initiative in 2018. Mid 2018 our first goal was to ensure that no one in our organisation was mis-gendered. After consultation we decided to add people’s personal pronouns to our official email signature template which made us the first government agency to ask our employees and contractors (anyone with a Stats NZ email address) to include their personal pronouns in all electronic communications going internally and externally.

Workplace Rainbow Policy

Tatauranga Aotearoa | Stats NZ has a Workplace Rainbow Policy to ensure that employees who are a part of the Rainbow communities are properly supported, valued, treated with respect, and are positively included in our organisational culture. We recognise the diversity and uniqueness of our workforce and are committed to created a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. We are proud of our Rainbow employees (including people identifying as LGBTQIA+,  takatāpui, fa'afafine and other Pacific genders and sexualities) and are committed to ensuring Tatauranga Aotearoa | Stats NZ is a great working environment in which they can be free from discrimination and succeed in the workplace.

InsideOUT Training for all Staff

At Tatauranga Aotearoa | Stats NZ, we offer InsideOUT ‘Understanding Sexuality and Gender, Inclusivity in the Workplace’ training in our suite of optional but recommended training courses. From the addition of this training in 2018, 530 employees are either enrolled or have completed it.

Census Priorities

Recently, Census 2023 has recognised the Rainbow communities as one of their priority response groups off the back of work being done internally to recognise Rainbow visibility and inclusion in a data world. 

Ranga Āniwaniwa | Rainbow Network

This Employee Led Network aligns with the all-of-government Cross Agency Rainbow Network (CARN). 

The Rainbow Network's purpose: Advocating for and celebrating the Rainbow/SOGIESC (Sexual orientation, gender identity & expression and sex characteristics) diverse communities within Tatauranga Aotearoa | Stats NZ. Working with our agency to strengthen participation, representation and respect of all Rainbow/SOGIESC diverse communities at Tatauranga Aotearoa | Stats NZ.