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Inland Revenue

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Disability Support at Inland Revenue

Inland Revenue plays a critical role in improving the economic and social well-being of New Zealanders.

In 2018, IR signed up for the Accessibility Charter and is committed to becoming an accessible organisation. Our commitment to accessibility covers policies and practice in relation to our digital and physical environment, our tools, technology and information. It is about how we work, and how we enable and support both our customers and our people.

There is an accessibility A11y group at IR, which is an informal network of people from across our organisation who have an interest in and passion for digital accessibility. The purpose of the group is to learn, share knowledge, and collaborate on accessibility issues.

IR has a Diversability Network to provide a safe space for people with visible and invisible disabilities. Diversability is derived from the words - Diverse and Ability.  The network aims to support the diverse needs of the disabled or differently-abled employees and assist them to be able to reaching their full potential.